Food Truck Festival


Explore the 14 days of delicious daydreams!

This case study is a re-branding project for existing festivals in Canada. The Canadian Foodtruck festival (CFTF) is one of the largest ontario-wise festival that happens in 5 different local parks in ontario. 

For the food lovers, future chefs, and local audiences, CFTF needed to create outstanding visual performance that appeals to the audience instinctive and recognizable, since it happens in local parks with free admission.

YEAR                      ROLE

2018                    Brand / Festival Design



Explore various Food Trucks in one place!

From snacks, beverages to main dishes, the Food Trucks create a new type of handy food for you with delicious and unique taste!

Just come, pick, grab, and go in Canadian Food Truck Festival 2018. It is that simple and easy. You can just sit down and enjoy the performances, look around the vendors, and walk around the park with your comfortable and handy foods. Remember. Simple is the best, and simple foods are even delicious!




Festival goods are one of the way to celebrate and memorize the season, and even create a fans that collect each years festive memories. Visitors can purchase the merchandises or win it as a prizes throughout the various events in 1 or all 5 spots.


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