Bring Eat


Course meal for your convinience. Let us prepare, and just enjoy!

Bring Eat is an M.R.E(Meal Ready to Eat) brand for travellers, mainly for campers and hikers to charge their energy with a fast and easy-cook meal.

These packed meals prepare a compact, convenient and well-rounded experience for the customers, with course meals featuring main dish, soup, water, and desserts, as well as snacks to cure hunger of their outdoor activities. Bring Eat is a perfect partner for travellers with our light-weighted but pleasing food experience.

YEAR                      ROLE

2019                    Brand / Package Design



Easily grab the pack, and simply fill up yourself anywhere & anytime

Bring Eat started for the people in a limited situation. This brand offers a satisfying food experience to the people who are in an inconvenient place to have an elegant meal.

Even if there is no electronic, no fire, and no extra water, our package is enough itself for one full course meal.


Playful package

Bring Eat focuses on an exciting and entertaining atmosphere of outdoor activities. The vivid colours and organic solid shapes that represents the enthusiastic and pleasant characteristic of our consumers. top right. Have Fun!



A complete course meal

Bring Eat prepare from appetiser to dessert. Each package contains [Main dish, Soup, Water, Coffee, Energy bar, Biscuit, and Fruit jelly] with a container that could be used as a table mat. All containers of Bring Eat is finding a way to use bio-degradable material to save the earth.

Enjoy your little tea time with us!


Complete course on your hand. It’s even delicious!


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